OrkBot 0.7.1 for Tibia 8.72 - Open source.
Latest version of OrkBot.

Old OrkBot releases
Here you can find and download all old public releases of OrkBot. See the changelog for version information.

Other Tools

TibiaWASD for Tibia 7.8 and above - Open source.
Tired of playing Tibia the non-ergonomic way it's meant to be played? Here's the ultimate tool for changing the keyboard layout of Tibia to classic WASD control. Walk around like you do in other games, get five near to reach hotkeys for easy and fast spell casting.

ConfigLoader 1.7 for Tibia 8.0 and above - Open source.
This program let you load up any specific config file for Tibia. The perfect tool for you who plays on many different characters and need different hotkey settings for them.
Note: Requires .NET Framework 2 or higher.